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The New HiFiMan Susvara Headphones: A First Look


Yesterday, we had the pleasure of unboxing HiFiMAN's flagship planar magnetic headphones: Susvara. The look and feel, as you'll see below, was absolutely breathtaking. The suspension system leaves them feeling weightless, and the hybrid ear pads are perfectly designed for comfort. Susvara fits so perfectly you will close your eyes and feel like you're listening to a pair of world-class loudspeakers. 

As for the sound, it is absolutely phenomenal, but don't take my word for it - come hear them for yourself! Audiolab will have a pair of Susvara headphones on demo at our Fairless Hills, PA store for a limited time. Come see us this week to experience sonic bliss.

See our unboxing below, along with HiFiMAN's press release covering their stunning flagship Susvara headphones.

Susvara Headphones in case

HiFiMAN flagship Susvara headphones in case

HiFiMAN Susvara headphones in open case

HiFiMAN Susvara headphones side profile

HiFiMAN Susvara angled view

HiFiMAN Susvara grille zoom

HiFiMAN Susvara headphones headband and suspension system

Hifiman Logo Artwork-02-lg

HIFIMAN Introduces Flagship Planar Headphone: SUSVARA

Premium Design Utilizes Nanotechnology to Create Unrivaled Listening Experience

Tianjin, China, May 16, 2017 -– HIFIMAN, a leading designer/manufacturer of high performance headphones and portable audio products, announced the introduction of a new, planar magnetic flagship headphone called SUSVARA. Drawing upon the company’s advanced planar magnetic technology, SUSVARA builds upon HiFiMAN’s extensive expertise in Nanotechnology to create a cutting-edge headphone with virtually zero distortion and lightning fast response. SUSVARA is available now with a MSRP of $6000.

At the heart of the technology of the new SUSVARA headphone is an Ultra-Thin Driver made only possible by Nanotechnology. At less than 0.001 mm, its Nanotech driver is so thin, it is not visible from the side with the naked eye. A Nano-particle coated sub-micrometer thickness diaphragm provides unsurpassed high frequency response, speed and resolution. The sonic result is that SUSVARA’s new planar magnetic design delivers remarkable, lifelike openness with virtually no distortion.

Stealth Magnets

In traditional magnetic designs, the magnets obstruct the sound waves and by diffraction, create both constructive and destructive interference. As these points shift with frequency changes a mass of wave distortions takes place. The use of “Stealth Magnets” on the SUSVARA means the sound wave reproduction can take place without the necessary magnets getting in their own way, degrading the sonic purity of their output.

The inspiration behind the stealth magnet design comes from fighter aircraft like the famed F-117. Radio waves can pass through the surface of stealth aircraft rendering the aircraft virtually “invisible” before the radio waves reach it. HiFiMAN adapted this idea to the magnets for SUSVARA to allow sound to pass through unimpeded.

According to HIFIMAN Founder and President, Dr. Fang Bian, “Planar magnetic technology is not new though we have been developing it for nearly a decade now. Anyone who has followed our progress, as well as the entire category, has seen and heard enormous strides in the performance of planar headphones. SUSVARA represents yet another step forward in what is possible with planar magnetic technology.”

Window Shade Grill System

For SUSVARA, HIFIMAN once again utilized their proven Window Shade Grill design. This signature design provides driver protection, is optimized for open-back design and also yields the best possible sound quality. It is precisely structured to gain greater openness which keeps the sound waves from second refraction and reflection to avoid unwanted vibration and distortion. The sonic experience is a wider soundstage, outstanding imaging and remarkable clarity.

Aesthetically, as an added benefit, the Window Shade Grill also provides a unique, high-tech look to the headphones and an appropriate design complement to SUSVARA’s premium alloys and wood trim.

Form Follows Function: Asymmetrical Ear Cups + Beveled Hybrid Ear Pads

The SUSVARA ear cups have been specially designed in a unique shape that follows the form of human ears. The ear pads are beveled so that they contour to the shape of the user’s head for superb comfort and extended listening as well as providing a good acoustic seal. The ear pad’s hybrid design utilizes polyester for increased resolution.

Ergonomic headband design for extra comfort and to fit more head shapes and sizes

The revised headband is the result of clever industrial design. Entirely new thinking was needed that would accommodate the widely varied sizes of people’s heads while applying or distributing correct pressure evenly. This provides not only improved comfort but also a better seal of the pads around the ears and on the head for improved bass.

The headband on SUSVARA combines a special metal alloy with fine calf’s skin to form a sturdy arch structure. The perforation on the calf’s skin helps to dissipate the heat. For additional comfort, the light mass also contributes to lessen the overall weight of the headphone. The headphones themselves weigh little more than 13 ounces (374 grams).

Amplifier pairing

SUSVARA is a relatively low sensitivity headphone at 83dB. As such, it must be driven by a robust amplifier with excellent sound quality. The new HiFiMAN EF1000 ($15,000 MSRP) is recommended by the company and known to be an excellent match.

HiFiMAN will be exhibiting at the upcoming LA Audio Show June 2-4 at the Sheraton Gateway LAX. HiFiMAN will be in the Xtreme Room as part of Head-Gear. Company founder Dr. Fang Bian, along with company personnel, will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions about SUSVARA as well as the new Shangri-La electrostatic headphone.


Founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007, HIFIMAN is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products in the world. HIFIMAN is now one of the few headphone companies to design and manufacture Dynamic, Planar Magnetic and Electrostatic models. The company also designs and manufactures highly acclaimed, high-res portable players and amplifiers.

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