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Anthem MRX 1140 15.2 Pre-Amplifier / 11 Amplifier Channel A/V Receiver with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced (In-store)

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  • Product Description

    Anthem's flagship receiver is an A/V masterpiece
    I've long admired Anthem for their high-performance A/V gear. I'm particularly impressed by the MRX 1140 — the company's flagship home theater receiver.

    This sleek-looking receiver offers exceptional signal processing, amplification, and room correction. It also has the best web-based control system I've seen, allowing you to set up and control your system from your computer or smart device.

    Anthem MRX 1140 11.2-channel home theater receiver
    The MRX 1140's large front-panel display gives you easy-to-read status updates at a glance.

    Enjoy theater-quality Atmos surround sound at home
    The MRX 1140 is capable of driving up to 11 speakers at the same time. That means you can power an ultra-immersive 7.2.4-channel Dolby Atmos or DTS:X™ system, with up to four upward-firing or in-ceiling speakers for overhead effects.

    Plenty of power for each channel
    Five of the MRX 1140's channels are rated at 140 watts (Class AB amplification), and are well-suited for high-performance stand-mount or floor-standing speakers.

    The other six channels are rated at 60 watts (Class D), which is plenty of power for surround and overhead channels that reproduce less-demanding portions of a movie's soundtrack.

    A high-quality toroidal power supply helps ensure top-notch sound from each channel.

    Intuitive web-based controls
    One of the features that makes Anthem's receivers stand out from the crowd is their user-friendly control interface. Access it from a web browser on your computer or smart device, and easily turn zones on and off, adjust settings, switch up speaker configurations, and more.

    Advanced room calibration with ARC Genesis
    The MRX 1140 includes the company's own highly regarded ARC (Anthem Room Correction) Genesis software — one of the industry's best room-correction platforms.

    ARC Genesis measures the acoustics of your room with the included microphone, and then fine-tunes the output of your system to best match the unique sonic characteristics of your space. The resulting sound is clear, smooth, and ultra-detailed, with tight bass and impactful dynamics.

    Note: You'll need to install the free ARC Genesis software on your Mac® or PC prior to calibration.

    Product highlights:
    Power and processing:

    • 11-channel amplifier
      • 5 channels rated at 140 watts (Class AB)
      • 6 channels rated at 60 watts (Class D)
    • Dolby® and DTS® surround sound decoding
      • Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X processing for use with in-ceiling or "height" speakers for more enveloping home theater sound
    • IMAX® Enhanced reproduces the full dynamic range of specially encoded IMAX soundtracks from compatible sources
    • ARC Genesis speaker calibration system helps fine-tune your system to best match your room's acoustics
      • requires installation of free ARC Genesis software on a Mac or PC prior to calibration
    • audiophile-grade 32-bit/768kHz DAC (digital to analog converter)
    • toroidal power supply ensures low-noise, high-performance picture and sound
    • large front-panel display gives you easy-to-read status updates at a glance


    Digital and streaming music options:

    • built-in Bluetooth for wireless music listening with smartphones, tablets, and compatible computers
    • built-in Wi-Fi for listening to music from a networked PC, free internet radio, and music services
      • free future firmware update will include support for Spotify® and Roon
    • Apple AirPlay 2 lets you stream directly from an iPhone® or iPad® and ask Siri to play Apple Music® (via free future firmware update)
    • Google Chromecast for wireless music streaming from compatible devices


    Multi-room audio/video:

    • dual-room/dual-source output
      • amp assign function lets you use the surround back speaker outputs in different configurations like bi-amping the front speakers, or for use in Zone 2
      • using powered 2nd-room output allows 9.2-channel sound in main room
    • Zone 2 stereo preamp outputs for use with an optional external amplifier
    • Zone 2 HDMI output


    HDMI features:

    • HDMI 2.0b audio/video switching: 7 in, 3 out
      • all HDMI connections support 4K/60Hz video
      • HDCP 2.2 technology ensures compatibility with Ultra HD sources and TVs
      • HDR-compatible for extended picture contrast and brightness with compatible TVs and HDR-encoded content
      • supports HDR10, Dolby Vision™, and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)
    • supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) and eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel)
      • eARC receives uncompressed surround sound signals including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X via the HDMI connection with your compatible TV
    • HDMI board is easily upgradeable to accommodate possible future hardware updates


    Other connections:

    • digital audio inputs: 3 Toslink optical, 2 coaxial
    • 5 analog stereo RCA audio inputs
    • 15.2-channel RCA preamp outputs
      • includes 2 discrete subwoofer outputs that can be calibrated independently
    • outputs for 11 speakers (Front L/R, Center, Surround L/R, Surround Back L/R, Height1 L/R, Height2 L/R)
    • full-sized front-panel headphone jack


    Warranty and other info:

    • intuitive browser-based control interface
      • easily turn zones on and off, adjust settings, switch up speaker configurations, and more
      • supports smartphones, tablets, and computer browsers
    • support for IP-based third-party remote control systems
    • warranty: 3 years
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    Anthem MRX x40 & AVM 70 Firmware Update Process

    Current Release Version 00.61, Current Networking Module Release Version 1.103.133

    **Please follow the steps below to update a new unit out of the box.**

    1. Plug the MRX/AVM Series unit into a power outlet.

    2. Connect the MRX/AVM Series unit to a wired ethernet network connection or use the Google Home App to place the unit on the client's wireless network. Please reference our Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to download the Google Home App.

    **Install Tip** - Always install the wireless antennas, even if the unit is on a wired ethernet network connection. The wireless antennas are also our Bluetooth receivers.

    3. Wait 30 seconds.

    4. Navigate to "Check for Updates” located in the "Store/Load/Update" section in the Front Panel Display Menu to update to the latest Release Version (00.61 ) and Networking Module Version (1.03.133) . At this time, you are not able to find the latest update using the “Check for Update” feature using the Web User Interface .

    5. Below is a picture of the “System Info” section in the Front Panel Display Menu , showing the current Release Version and Networking Module Version .

    6. It is important to note that Release Version 00.61 and Networking Module Version 1.103.133 requires ARC Genesis Version 1.5.4 to complete Anthem Room Correction calibration.


    ARC Genesis Update

    Please use the links below to download ARC Genesis Version 1.5.4 for your operating system. The new MRX/AVM Series models require ARC Genesis Version 1.5.4. All previous ARC Versions, including ARC Genesis, ARC Mobile, ARC 2, and ARC, will not work with the new MRX/AVM Series models.

    Windows 64 Bit ARC Genesis v1.5.4

    Windows 32 Bit ARC Genesis v1.5.4

    Windows 64 Bit ARC Genesis v1.5.4

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  • Other Details

    Number of Channels 15.2
    Receiver Type All-In-One-Receiver
    Line/Type Stereo Pre-Amps