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What's an OLED TV? And What Makes it THE BEST for Watching Sports


The playoffs are around the corner, and we’re all rooting for our favorite teams. If you’re thinking about upgrading your TV this season, you should definitely be looking for OLED: the newest TV technology that is hands-down the BEST for viewing football.

What makes OLED technology the best? Without getting into any technical jargon, there are three basic factors that make football look great on your TV:

  1. Great viewing from any angle – When you’re having that big super bowl party and the room is packed, you want everyone to be able to see the game. Many TVs start to look washed out if you are viewing from a far right or left angle, so you need to pick a TV that can viewed from all angles.
  2. High contrast and deep black levels – You want to be able to see every move on the field, and high contrast will enable you to see the finest details on your TV.
  3. Excellent tracking to prevent motion lag or blur – The games are going to move fast, and no one wants to see ghostlines and blurs behind your favorite players. It can be extremely distracting and frustrating for your guests when there is lag or blur on the TV. You’ll need a TV that can keep up with the pace of your favorite team

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The incredible thing about OLED TV technology is that nothing can match it in any of these categories.

OLED TVs directly output their own colored light, so contrast remains excellent at all viewing angles. Whether you are viewing the game alone in the center of your room or way off on the side while your friends huddle on the couch, you will see an excellent detailed picture.

To get excellent contrast for detailed, realistic pictures, your TV will need deep black levels. Until now, only plasma TVs were able to achieve perfect black levels, giving the viewer the best possible contrast. OLED TVs have all of the same high-performance video quality advantages that have typically only been attributed to plasma TVs. With an OLED TV, you will be able to pick out every detail of the game in excellent bright colors with deep blacks.

It is well known that many LCDs and LED TVs have issues with motion blur. OLED TVs use solid state technology to generate extremely fast response times, sometimes over 10x faster than LCDs! OLED screens give an incredibly detailed picture with no visible motion blur or delay, so you’ll see every detail of the game in spectacular clarity!

With a brand-new OLED TV, you’ll be experiencing each game with more detail and clarity than you ever imagined; whether it is a packed house or just the family, you’ll see each touchdown with clarity from sideline to sideline.

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