Lab Report: Billie Eilish Talks Soundsystem Importance with Spotify Hifi

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Billie Eilish Helped Spotify Announce Their New Hi-Fi Streaming Tier

In an announcement for Spotify's upcoming HiFi tier, the streaming service has parterned with Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Billie Eilish and her brother/producer Finneas. Since Tidal rolled out its premium streaming tier with hifi audio, Spotify has worked on creating their own lossless, FLAC audio service. In the video press release below, Eilish and Finneas break down the importance of an incredible soundsystem when it comes to maximizing your audio output with hifi streaming.  

"In our creative space we like sunlight, a good soundsystem with good bass, and VERY loud speakers," says Eilish while her and Finneas set up their system within a giant bubble. "High quality audio just means more info. There's just things you will not hear without a good soundsystem." They go on to speak about how, as musicians, they put so much work into building intricacies in their songs that end up going unheard because of subpar phone or computer speakers. "We work on songs way longer than we would have to," says Finneas. "There's a lot of layers to what we're working on."

They go on to discuss the expanse of frequencies that can be heard through a hifi system and active listening that true music lovers experience. Even though Spotify's upcoming lossless hifi tier won't be available for a couple months, there are dozens of systems here at Audiolab made for streaming to prepare you for its release (or however you listen to music)! As always, if you have any questions or inquiries you can chat with us on our website or call and speak with a customer service representative. Call us today at 215-297-8795.

Also check out this HiFi playlist I found on Spotify: