Our List of the Best Headphones for iPhone 7


Apple has ditched the headphone jack, but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. It’s time for a fresh start! Reassess all of your iPhone accessories and upgrade to some new and improved headphones. We’ve made a quick reference guide for your convenience. Whether you’re ready to go wireless or are looking to plug straight into the lightning jack, Audiolab can help you get started!

Plug Into Your Lightning Port

Audeze Sine

Audeze was ahead of the curve in releasing a 24-bit Lightning cable for use with the iPhone 7. Their proprietary Lightning cable includes, “…an inline system-on-a-chip that drives your music to levels you never dreamed of.” This innovative system bypasses the iPhone’s internal audio processors and streams high-resolution audio to Audeze’s own DAC with DSP, drastically improving the sound. The Sine is for audiophiles dedicated to high resolution sound at home and on the go.

Dragonfly Red or Dragonfly Black DAC with Your Lightning to USB adapter

Want to use your 1/8” (3.5mm) plug headphones? Use Apple’s Lightning to USB adapter with a Dragonfly Red or Black by AudioQuest to get high-resolution audio from your iPhone! This combination will keep your high-res files sounding great whether you’re sitting in the den, driving down the coast, or flying overseas.

Got Bluetooth? You’re Covered!

Kicker CushBlu

At a price that’s easy to swallow, Kicker CushBlu headphones are an excellent middleground between comfort, quality, and wireless freedom. Their 54mm drivers pump out incredible sound. Charge them once and listen all day with a battery rated up to 18 hours! Convenient buttons on the side allow you to skip songs or take calls via Bluetooth, making them a great companion for the iPhone 7.

Audio-Technica ANC Wireless

Putting you iPhone 7 in Airplane Mode? You’ll want a noise-cancelling headphone for the flight, and Audio-Technica’s ANC Wireless is the perfect candidate for the job. These noise-cancelling, wireless in-ear headphones have all of the features you need from a great pair of earbuds. Ditch the Apple AirPods in your iPhone box! Use the ANC Wireless in-ear headphones and get aptX® technology for the best-possible audio performance over Bluetooth, an 8-hour battery for simultaneous Bluetooth and noise-canceling, and wireless mic and controls. These features and more make the ANC wireless headphones another excellent iPhone companion.

Phiaton BT 100 NC

BT 100 NC headphones by Phiaton come with aptX technology built in to provide better sound quality, and extended dynamic range. Their around-the-neck band allows you to control your music and incoming calls from your iPhone 7. As an added bonus, they are sweat and water resistant making them the perfect companion at the gym. Keep the iPhone in your bag while you stream wirelessly to your Phiaton headphones.

Definitive Technology Symphony 1

Definitive Technology has brought their incredible audio engineering to wireless, over-ear, noise canceling headphones. Symphony 1 headphones play your audio files with precision. Immerse yourself in sound with the freedom and convenience of Bluetooth paired with the portability of the iPhone 7. Drown out your surroundings in the studio, on the road, or in the air. Definitive Technology’s Symphony 1 headphones are an outstanding audio solution for the iPhone 7.

Denon AH-GC20

Denon’s Globe Cruiser headphones provide incredible noise cancellation that reduces ambient noise by 99%. These performance headphones use aptX wireless technology for immersive audio. Bluetooth, noise cancellation, and smart phone control come together in these astounding performance headphones to create a trifecta of sonic bliss.

So, as you can see there is no need to worry! Yes, Apple scrapped the headphone jack, but they did it because they knew we were ready. With all of these options for Bluetooth and lightning cable headphones, there’s nothing standing between you and your iTunes library.