Paradigm Persona Unveiled


On Thursday, September 1st, Audiolab had the pleasure of hosting one of the first North American previews of the new Paradigm Persona luxury loudspeaker range. Brian Smith and Bill Nicholson of Paradigm treated us to a demo of the Flagship 9H loudspeaker and stand-mounted Persona B. These are 2 of 6 models being introduced in the Persona line, including four floor standing, 1 stand-mounted, and a center channel model shortly thereafter.

Persona is the first speaker line utilizing beryllium in all models for both the tweeter and mid-range drivers. As we experienced today, this technology completely suspends disbelief and allows you to hear things in your favorite songs that you have never noticed before. The Persona speakers give the feeling that the artist is truly in the room. The parting of lips as an acapella singer soulfully whispers in your ear; the gentle tapping of a pic on an acoustic guitar; the thump of a standup bass surrounded by beautiful jazz melodies. With the Persona line, we were truly able to feel the energy of each artist.

Below, you can find the unveiling of the Flagship 9H and Persona B models. Take a moment to watch our video covering the unveiling of the Persona line, and hear Brian Smith speak passionately about this revolutionary new release. Look forward to listening to these for yourself in Audiolab’s new state-of-the-art showrooms.