Soundcast Outcast Jr. Review


When it comes to quality portable speakers, there isn’t a huge selection. Most of them lack the volume you need outdoors, and when they have it, they aren’t strong enough to withstand the elements. Well, Soundcast stepped in and built the Outcast Jr.: a rugged, weather-resistant speaker with huge bass, incredible range, and the volume you need to take your music anywhere.

Standing nearly 2 feet tall, Outcast Jr. packs massive sound that most portable speakers are unable to achieve. It perfectly disperses audio whether you are indoors or outside. Hook its Universal Audio Transmitter (UAT) up to your home stereo and you can wirelessly send music to the Outcast Jr. up to 300 feet. Plug your iPod into the iCast transmitter and send your music to the Outcast Jr. while your iPod rests safely inside. Or, just use the auxiliary jack to plug it into the headphone port of any portable music device. Whether you are bringing Outcast Jr. down to the pool while you swim, out to the deck for a party, or keeping it in the kitchen so you can hear the TV, this speaker pumps out sound like nothing else its size.

Speaking of playing music by the pool, the Outcast Jr. is water resistant and extremely durable. Splashes of water won’t stop your speaker from playing. Just check out this video of the Outcast taking on a car wash and continuing to play music. Outcast Jr. is made with the same durability and quality engineering as the Outcast.

Want to take the Outcast Jr. on the road? No problem! Its rigid construction and weather-resistant exterior will keep it safe in all conditions. Pull the Outcast Jr. out at your next tailgate and your music will cut through all the noise. Outcast Jr. can play over the generators, screaming fans, and blasting car audio systems if you need it to – and it does it all in stereo!

Sitting around the campfire, laying on the beach, relaxing on your boat, or cooking out on your porch; wherever you go, you want your music with you. The Outcast Jr brings unparalleled mobility to your music collection with a battery life of 15 hours! You can take Outcast Jr. anywhere and it will play from sunrise to sunset.

Music fans have been anxiously awaiting a durable, weather-resistant wireless speaker. Soundcast answered the call with the Outcast Jr., and Audiolab has an incredible bundle available now. When you purchase and Outcast Jr., we will include both the UAT and the iCast transmitters for free! Purchase yours today at either of the following links:

Outcast Jr. with UAT and iCast

Outcast Jr. with UAT, iCast, Travel Bag, and Car Adapter