Top Reasons to Buy a McIntosh Sound System


McIntosh products are the American gold standard for sensational home audio. Their 67-year legacy has left an impact across decades. Awe-inspiring aesthetics, unmatched power, and innovative technologies have made them a fundamental reference for audiophiles and enthusiasts. Choosing to invest in a McIntosh system is a serious commitment, but it is one that will give your home theater longevity, power, and incredible style amongst their abundance of exclusive features. Still wondering what the benefits to a McIntosh system are? We’ve prepared this list of the best reasons to invest in McIntosh products for your home stereo.

  • 67-Year Legacy
    Since 1949, McIntosh has been a leader in home audio and live sound. McIntosh speakers powered Woodstock and Grateful Dead’s intimidating, yet innovative, wall of sound. Their patented technologies have kept them at the forefront of the consumer electronics industry for over 60 years. McIntosh systems are not thrown away; they are handed down for generations and continue to power incredible stereo systems for those who inherit them.

  • The Industry’s Highest Retained Value
    No other piece of audio equipment can retain its value like a McIntosh amplifier. The most common complaint about high end audio equipment is that it is outdated within a few years, if not sooner. With McIntosh, that is not a concern. Some McIntosh products even INCREASE in value over time. Why? These amps are built to last from the inside out. I already mentioned that the control panel will not wear off. In addition, they have several measures in place to keep your amp from being damaged by misuse. Their aesthetic appeal, sonic power, and overall performance remains relevant year over year. They simply do not lose their value.

  • Glass Faceplates on All components
    McIntosh covers the front of each product with hand-cut screen printed glass, not plastic. Why is this important? Firstly, plastic becomes discolored over time, and glass won’t. You need a clear surface to view McIntosh’s signature meters and witness the pumping dynamics of your music. A yellowed surface would be a complete buzzkill, especially with McIntosh’s alluring iridescent glow. Speaking of that glow, the backlit controls shine through brilliantly so you can play your system in the dark and let the mood consume you. Lastly, you need a system that will hold up over time. The screen printed labels on the back of the glass will not rub off with each turn of the volume knob. Instead, they will be clear for years to come.

  • Output Meters
    McIntosh’s output meters are about more than aesthetics. When your speakers are on the line, you need to know how much power is being pushed out of your system. The watt meter on a McIntosh’s alluring façade pulses with the dynamics of your music and keeps you from hitting those speaker-killing peaks. Using your meters, you can play your music at the perfect volume to experience its full dynamic range.

  • Power Guard
    McIntosh’s Power Assurance System includes 3 patented technologies that protect your amp and your speakers as well as enhance audio performance. Power Guard is McIntosh’s patented technology to keep your speakers from clipping, and no other amplifier on the market can do it the same. This incredible technology keeps the rest of your music from playing as loud as it can and only lowers the signal of high volume dynamics that would risk clipping. This allows you to enjoy your music without worrying about damage to your system.

  • Sentry Guard
    Sentry Guard is another Power Assurance System feature to keep your system safe. Mcintosh is looking out for you! McIntosh’s patented sentry guard circuit activates when there is a short in your speaker wires. It stops the amp’s signal to that channel only, and when the short is removed, the signal resumes. No system shut down. No blown fuses. No panic. No hassle. This is McIntosh engineering at its finest.

  • Autoformer
    Once again, McIntosh’s Power Assurance System is here to save the day; this time with their Autoformer system. McIntosh’s Output Autoformer system enables you to use loudspeakers with impedance of 2, 4, or 8 ohms while maintaining full rated power and the lowest distortion rating. With McIntosh products, you can get incredible sound out of your system regardless of your loudspeakers’ impedence.

  • Quad Balanced Amplifiers
    McIntosh quad balances their amplifiers to cancel out distortion in your signal. By installing complimentary balanced circuitry on each half of their amps, they are able to eliminate distortion and send the cleanest signal possible to your speakers.

Timeless. Innovative. Extraordinary. McIntosh products suspend disbelief with a signature aesthetic and immersive sound. When you purchase McIntosh products, you are investing in components that can, and will, continuously drive your system to new heights. Still not convinced? Visit Audiolab for a demo today; you won’t be disappointed.

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