Burson Audio V6 Classic Dual x1 Opamp

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    Burson V6 Vivid and V6 Classic fully discrete audio opamps
    Both designs evolved from the Burson V5. But just as evolution is never linear, two V6 circuitries emerged to compete for the hearts and minds of music enthusiasts.

    Designed to optimise audio performance
    A surgeon never uses a Swiss Army knife. An astronomer never studies our universe with binoculars. No matter the industry specialized tooling is required to optimize performance. This is often overlooked in audio design where general-purpose IC-based opamps are widely used.

    Our opamps, are specifically designed to optimize audio performance, and our V6 discrete opamps are our sharpest tools yet.

    The Best Upgrade and Easiest Upgrade
    Measuring 12.4mm X 14.5mm X 29mm (0.48 in x 0.57 in x 1.14 in) the V6 are the smallest discrete op-amps in the world. They conveniently fit wherever they’re used.

    The V6 are the only opamps in the world with reverse voltage protection. While other opamps are instantly damaged if reversely installed, the V6 are designed to survive such accidents unscathed.

    Unsurpassed Quality
    Like our passion for audio, our Opamps are guaranteed to last a lifetime. We use the best components and make them perform even better with the painstaking selection and meticulous component matching process.

    A lifetime warranty covers every Burson Opamp in the world right now, be they V1 or V6, something, no other op-amp manufacturer dares to offer. Together with the reverse voltage protection featuring in our V6, we are showing fellow customers and manufacturing partners our commitment to quality and our care for their investments.

    V6 Vivid vs V6 Classic
    The V6 Vivid is dynamic, transparent and exciting. It is the V5 sound improved on all aspects. From its incredible dynamic range, three-dimensional soundstage to its ability to reproduce the finest micro details. It invites you to witness that moment of recording. Play Norah Jones’ Come Away with Me, and suddenly you are in the best seat in the house. Norah and her handsome band materialize vividly on stage and you are immersed in magic.

    The V6 Classic deviates further from its V5 foundation. With an entirely different output stage design, it is intimate, exquisite and very engaging. With the V6 Classic, Norah is asking you to come closer. She wrote the song for you and she is singing it to you. It was time to stop analyzing and start living in the moment.

    We love both equally, and we know fellow music enthusiasts will too.
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    1. MD-90 Tuner upgrade

      Ordered one of the dual "Classic" versions to replace the "stacked" OPA627 singles. It's got it's 100+
      hours of burn in now and sounds nice on the top end. Set the gain up for 8.5 dB, 1.7dB higher than stock
      to get a little more output. The new 40 K feedback resistor needed 2 pF cap across it to make the
      square wave response textbook. Did that to try and reduce loading on it and the drive stage. Don't know how much class A current in it's output stage. Most monolith op-amps are less than 1mA!

      For $85 you think you could get a datasheet! Called Audiolab and the sales person said she would contact Burson. No response back after a week! Burson's packaging says to find it on their website, but only version 5 is listed. Amp came with a gold plated socket which should be mentioned in their literature.

      Note: These are on my Magnum Dynalab MD-90 FM tuner PCB not a special test fixture to optimize
      Measurements: With +/- 11.5 V supply rails it clips at +/- 10.5 V and looks textbook.
      Frequency response- with 3 Vpk out -3dB is 1 MHz.
      Seperation @ 20 KHz 63 dB, 85 dB @ 1 KHz.
      Output offset voltage- +20.7 mV and +14.8 mV which is unacceptable- Burson needs to put holes
      in the cover to adjust the offset pots! My cover fell off so I was lucky and adjusted them to <1 mV.
      Appears like Burson forgot to tweek this one before it left the factory.
      Power supply current- NOTE: nice and high, 25.8 mA, not 8 mA like the previous version is spec'd at.
      Schematic would also be useful. Pin 1 key could be more prominent.
      on Dec 25th 2017

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