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    True 5.1 Wire Free HD Audio Home Theater
    Enclave understands that half of the movie experience is heard and not seen. With the popularized soundbar audio solution, true surround sound is dismissed for convenience and wiring issues. The Enclave Audio 5.1 home theater system offers uncompromising true surround sound with the ability to easily place your speakers as 5.1 surround was designed and intended. Surrounding you. Whether it is movies, music, sports, or video gaming, Enclave wirelessly surrounds you with every nuance of every sound, bringing your home theater experience to life as you’ve never heard it before. The Enclave Smart Center connects to your TV with a single cable and will host HDMI and SPDIF (Optical) sources, including satellite, cable, streaming appliances, and gaming consoles.

    Not a Soundbar
    6 Separate Custom Tuned Speaker Enclosures with 14 Individually Designed Speaker Drivers - Surrounding You
    Soundbars do serve a purpose. With the thinning of the TV display, comes the natural thinning of audio coming from those displays making the enjoyment of those screens limited to the visuals. Soundbars do a great job of improving the audio from the television, but it is impossible for them to provide the true, separates based experience of mutli-channel surround sound. Soundbar marketing uses the term 5.1 and offers a simulated surround sound that alters the original audio using psycho-acoustics to give you the impression of a wider, more surrounding sound. If you own a soundbar, you know how short this technology falls. The CineHome HD offers a surround sound experience far beyond the sound bar, far beyond the compact audio image they provide, and far beyond the performance of competitively priced wired or wireless based offerings in the home theater arena.

    Wireless Audio Redefined - Just Unbox, Power Up, and Go
    No home Wi-Fi routers to connect to and no bridge box required. Simply place your speakers in the appropriate location, plug in the speakers’ AC power adapters into any locally available 110/220v power source, load up your Enclave Smart Center with sources, and the WiSA certified Enclave Audio system is ready to deliver 24 bit/96khz uncompressed audio wirelessly - straight out of the box with no configuration necessary. Audio
    Pure Digital. Pure Sync.
    One must start with ensuring the purest signal form is passed along the chain. It’s here where Enclave Audio rises to the occasion. Any HDMI or SPDIF (Optical) input remains digital from the source with zero conversion to analog until it leaves the speaker enclosure’s built-in amplifier to the speaker driver itself. Stunningly, the system delivers this pure digital signal wirelessly with absolutely zero noticeable lip sync issues. With Enclave Audio, degraded analog signal down long stretches of speaker wire are a thing of the past.

    Designed to satisfy the most discriminating audio enthusiast,Enclave Audio’s 6 independent Class D amplifiers are engineered to offer stunning acoustic performance in concert with Enclave’s custom designed speakers. Featuring a High Performance Closed-Loop Architecture, the real story is in the powerful digital signal processing utilizing a digital crossover, an equalizer for flat frequency response, and more.

    Designed and custom tuned to deliver a world class home theater surround experience, the Enclave system offers 14 distinct drivers in 6 independent speaker enclosures creating a 360 degree field of incredible sound, all done wirelessly.
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