Enter today for your chance to win a BRAND NEW pair of Periodic Audio Headphones.

Audiolab is excited to bring you the opportunity to win a pair of Periodic Audio Headphones. Starting on August 29th, we’ll be giving away 3 pairs of Periodic headphones a week for four weeks. That’s right you’ll have twelve chances to win a brand new pair of headphones! Every Wednesday, we’ll give away a pair of Periodic Magnesium headphones, followed by a pair of Titanium headphones on Thursday, and finally a pair of Beryllium on Friday.

What's different about Periodic Audio?

Periodic’s In-Ear Monitor headphones have been engineered using materials and processes common to far costlier products, to deliver superior levels of performance, comfort and reliability. In any in-ear monitor, the transducer is at the heart of what the user hears, and Periodic Audio has taken a no-compromise approach to its design, choosing superior metals for each model.

To ensure a proper fit while preserving the highest sound quality, all three models come with a selection of small, medium and large tips, made from various materials, including single-flange silicone, dual flange silicone, and memory foam construction. All models feature a low microphonic, highly flexible 1.6-meter cable made with 99.999% pure copper Litz-construction cable with precision-molded rubber strain reliefs and guides, a durable jacket of polyethylene terephthalate and 3.5mm plug of gold-plated brass. This design results in pure sonic transparency to provide extremely wide bandwidth, very low distortion and high sensitivity.

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