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Paradigm Reference RVC-12SQ In-Wall Subwoofer


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    We are authorized to sell Paradigm in our local market. If you are visiting our website from outside the Mid Atlantic region please go to Paradigm's website to find the name of your nearest dealer.

    How do you get "Reference" quality performance (in other words: phenomenal output with breathtaking clarity, superb extension and speed!) out of an in-wall subwoofer without it tearing your wall to shreds with the first big explosion or tympani crescendo?

    Serious high-output subwoofers produce real energy. However, the majority of in-wall subwoofers out there can't produce serious bass, so vibrational energy isn't an issue. Not so with the RVC-12SQ in-wall subwoofer. The RVC-12SQ is like a dog off the leash. Free from the rigid constraints of conventional in-wall designs, backed by Paradigm Reference technology behind the drivers and powered by the Paradigm
    X-300 or X-850 Ultra-Class-D amplifier (sold separately), the RVC-12SQ is free to dig deeper for new levels of articulate, soul-stirring bass while chasing new heights in performance. The result is a quality and quantity of bass that rivals our leading freestanding subwoofer designs.

    Despite all this power, the RVC-12SQ's footprint is minimal. It mounts into a standard 2"x 4" stud wall. Thought you'd heard it all? Not quite!

    Paradigm’s RVC-12SQ enables system contractors to remove the most hulking piece of A/V equipment from the floor and install it discretely in the wall, without sacrificing performance.The RVC-12SQ can easily be installed in a normal two by four stud wall with an optional BX-12SQ back box for best results, or retrofitted into existing spaces. Paradigm’s Perfect Bass Kit (PBK-1) can also be added via the X-850 amplifier as a room correction system. The PBK-1 uses a specially calibrated microphone and advanced algorithms to compute a target frequency response for the subwoofers to yield optimal in-room sound. RVC-12SQ provides unrivaled articulate bass performance from a nominal footprint mountable in a standard two-by-four-foot stud wall. Installation of an optional back box and Paradigm’s Perfect Bass Kit subwoofer room correction system make RVC-12SQ the most powerful and precise in-wall subwoofer available.


    Conventional in-wall subwoofers excite wall vibrations through a reactive force opposite to that created by the movement of the voice coil. We turned things around. In the design of the RVC-12SQ the two woofers fire in phase, in opposite directions. This results in a physical cancellation of wall vibrations.

    Advanced Dual Side-Mounted 4" (102 mm) x 14" (356 mm) Mineral-Filled Co-Polymer Polypropylene Cones: Highly damped and tremendously rigid, the cones provide tight, well-defined low-frequency response with an authority that does justice to the most challenging music and movie material.

    Pleated LCS™ Linear Corrugated Thermoplastic/Rubber Over-Molded Surrounds featuring Ultra-Long-Travel Suspensions: Exceptional peak-to-peak cone movement that is completely free of edge-hole distortion - every bass note sounds distinct. High-Power 1" (25 mm) 6-Layer Voice Coils: Wound on aluminum formers with high-temperature coating in a multilayer configuration for greater stability and support during cone excursion.

    FEA-Optimized 1/2-lb (0.19 kg) Super-Neodymium Magnet Structures with Symmetrical Focused Field Geometry: Generate a truly enormous magnetic forcefield in the gap.

    One-Piece High-Pressure Ultra-Rigid™ Die-Cast Chassis/MDF Mounting System sandwiches and strengthens the wall, greatly increasing its rigidity. Controls flexing and ringing and since aluminum is non-magnetic, stray magnetic losses are eliminated. Additional details above.




    Design two high-excursion drivers, Vibration-cancelling in-wall design, die-cast chassis with MDF mounting frame

    Design two high-excursion drivers, Vibration-cancelling in-wall design, die-cast chassis with MDF mounting frame Matching Paradigm® X-Series Amp Required (sold sep.) X-850 (for 1 or 2 RVC subwoofers), X-300 (for 1 RVC subwoofer) Bass Driver(s) 25-mm (1 in) 6-layer voice coil, FEA-optimized 0.19 kg (1/2 lb) super-neodymium magnet structures, Two 356-mm (14 in) x 102-mm (4 in) mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cones, dual spiders, high-temperature anodized aluminum former, LCS™ over-molded surround Low-Frequency Extension* 17 Hz (DIN) Frequency Response ± 2 dB from 21 Hz - 215 Hz Minimum Mounting Depth 8.9 cm 3-1/2 in Cutout Dimensions Diameter or Height x Width 41.7 cm x 32.0 cm 16-7/16 in x 12-5/8 in External dimensions 45.1 cm x 34.9 cm (h x w) 17-3/4 in x 13-3/4 in Weight (unpacked) 6.5 kg / 14.3 lb each Finishes White, paintable

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