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Pro-Ject Debut PRO Turntable

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Debut PRO: The best Debut ever...
Since 1991 we have been offering high-quality hi-fi products at a reasonable price for discerning music lovers. We started with turntables because they are the first choice for the most natural and affordab-le music reproduction. Our main focus is always on the materials and technology used. The shape and design of our turntables are always dictated by the functionality.

To this day, our designs have always been kept functional and clean, so the first Pro-Ject product was very simple but made from the highest quality materials: MDF, steel, aluminum, glass, and carbon. Plastic was not used for reasons of sound, durabili-ty, and the love of the environment.

The result was a high-quality but simple-looking product with great sound at a low price. After the Debut Carbon EVO revolutionized the De-but series in 2020, the Debut PRO raises the bar even higher. Now, for the 30th anniversary, we are again going back to our roots: premium analog reproduction.

Sumiko Rainier
Pro-Ject Audio Systems teams up with Sumiko Phono Cartridges for the release of Debut PRO in the United States. Sumiko Rainier is high-value moving magnet design that has great synergy with the majority of moving magnet phono stages on the market (including preamps built into your amplifier/receiver!). With Rainier onboard, Debut PRO is dressed to impress casual listeners and audiophiles alike.

Rainier achieves even-handed, honest, full & rich sonics with no sacrifice to detail retrieval. This is done through resonance control, which delivers the sonic signature of Sumiko's latest Oyster cartridges that have taken the world by storm. Consistent with Pro-Ject's advocacy for a hands on experience over which the listener has control, Rainier leaves plenty of room for those what want to take it a step further. Olympia and the now famous Moonstone stylus upgrade are easily installed in the place of Rainier, providing increasingly wide frequency responses via reductions in the moving mass of the cantilever assembly.

To accommodate more listeners still, Sumiko has added to their lineup the new RS78, meaning that with Debut PRO's 78rpm capability, there are few discs the machine can't spin. Now you can enjoy a shellac 78rpm within minutes.

8.6‘‘ Carbon/Aluminum Tonearm
The Debut PRO features a one-piece carbon/aluminum sandwich tonearm. The carbon layer gives the tonearm a high degree of rigidity, while the inner aluminum tube takes over the damping of the tonearm. This super stiff and uniquely dampened tonearm construction ensures perfect tracking of the record groove.

Adjustable VTA & Azimuth
With the new tonearm of the Debut PRO, both the azimuth and the vertical tracking angle (VTA) can be set. The tonearm height can be continuously adjusted by loosening the two grub screws. These settings of the Debut PRO give you the option of adapting the tonearm to height changes allowing the use of different turntable mats or other cartridges to always achieve the best sound quality

Nickel-plated metal parts
The nickel finish of the aluminum components results in a hard, resistant surface. This process enables us to produce very high-quality and sustainable components and avoid plastics and similar materials that continue to age over time. The precision CNC-milled parts are aesthetically stunning and lead the Debut PRO to its modern, simple, elegant and unprecedented design.

Always the perfect speed
An onboard Speed Box electronically guarantees accurate and stable speeds. Change between speeds easily with the toggle switch. With the supplied round belt for 78rpm, you can also listen to your shellac records. So that no motor vibrations reach the pickup, the Debut PRO has the new motor suspension, which is responsible for the perfect decoupling of the motor.

The dampened platter
The dampened platter purpose-designed for Debut PRO, is die-cast from aluminum to offer the optimal balance of mass and damping. This massive platter is peripherally damped with a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) ring on the bottom side. In addition to resonance damping, this adds extra mass which in turn minimizes wow & flutter as the platter rotates.

30 years of experience - Debut PRO
The Debut PRO brings an absolutely new design to Pro-Ject turntables. The audiophile turntable is convincing in all respects – not only visually, but more importantly also in terms of sound. The Pro-Ject 1 and its successor, the Debut series, revolutionized listening to music. These products brought back the love of analog playback devices – a turning point for the vinyl industry. The old technology has made a comeback and is here to stay. The Debut PRO is a milestone for the next decades: A cult product that celebrates the great success of analog music reproduction and the joy of stereo hi-fidelity in your home.


  • pre-adjusted Sumiko Rainier cartridge
  • 8.6” one-piece carbon/aluminium tonearm
  • precision aluminum platter with TPE damping
  • fully adjustable VTA
  • nickel-plated aluminum bearing block
  • Motor suspension with better damping
  • Height-adjustable metal feet
  • Electronic speed switch
  • Precision belt drive with electronic speed control
  • 8x coats hand-painted MDF chassis
  • Premium semi-symmetrical phono cable
  • Gold-plated RCA connectors
  • Dustcover included
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Specs
  • Speed: 33, 45/(78) (electronic speed change)
  • Drive principle: belt-drive w/ electronic speed control
  • Platter: 300mm, die-cast aluminum platter with TPE damping and felt mat
  • Platter bearing: high-precision stainless steel axle in bronze bushing
  • Wow & flutter: 33: +/-0.16%; 45: +/-0.14%
  • Speed drift: 33: +/-0.40%; 45: +/-0.50%
  • Signal to noise: 68dB
  • Tonearm: 8.6” one-piece carbon/aluminum tonearm
  • Effective arm length/mass: 218.5mm / 10g
  • Overhang: 18.5mm
  • Included accessories: 15V DC / 0.8A power supply, dustcover, 78rpm round belt, 7‘‘ singles adapter
  • Power consumption: 4W / 0W standby
  • DIM. (sans cover): 415x113x320mm, 16.63x4.5x12.63"
  • Mass/weight (sans cover): 6kg/13.23lbs (net)

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