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Sony VPL-VW295ES SXRD™ 4K home theater projector with HDR

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    Larger-than-life images with full 4K detail

    Sony was the first company to deliver a true 4K projector for less than $5000. The VPL-VW295ES produces a brilliant Ultra HD picture, with four times the picture detail of full HD 1080p.

    4K really comes into its own on larger screens. The difference between HD and 4K is certainly visible on TV-sized screens, but when you're projecting onto a screen that's 100", 120" or even larger, the added clarity and sense of depth is pretty stunning.

    True 4K vs. "4K-compatible"

    4K Ultra HD has four times the detail of 1080p.

    What separates true 4K projectors like the VPL-VW295ES from "4K-compatible" models is pixels. The 'VW295ES's picture has 8.8 million pixels, while 4K-compatible models typically have around 4 million. Full 4K creates that "looking-through-a-window" sense of dimensionality.

    Sony's SXRD technology — proven in theaters around the world


    The VPL-VW295ES is based on the same 4K Digital Cinema SXRD™ technology found in Sony's professional projectors. The 'VW295ES uses three SXRD image chips — one each for red, green, and blue — to produce extraordinarily rich, saturated colors that pop off the screen.

    But you don't need 4K material to be wowed by this projector. Sony has some of the best video processing available in a consumer projector, and one of its biggest strengths is upscaling HD content to 4K quality. Sony calls this advanced processor Reality Creation, and it's based on ten years' experience upscaling movies to 4K in thousands of theaters worldwide.

    How do you improve on 4K? Add HDR.

    HDR (High Dynamic Range) can significantly expand overall picture contrast range with both deeper blacks and brighter highlights. HDR gives colors more pop, too.

    There's lots of of HDR-encoded 4K movies and shows available from streaming services like Netflix® and Amazon Instant Video. Since the VPL-VW295ES has no built-in web apps, you'll need to connect a 4K media streamer to explore this great-looking content. Of course, for the large images of projector systems, the ultimate high-resolution source is an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player.

    Flexible setup

    Sony designed the VPL-VW295ES for easy setup, with a powered zoom lens and powered lens shift for adjusting the image either horizontally or vertically, to allow for off-center projector placement. Sony's recommended maximum screen size is 300", which is huge, but you'll also get amazing results with much smaller screens, including those sized 100" or less.

    Out-of-the-box picture settings are so spot on — especially the Reference picture mode — that you'll be tempted to leave them as-is. But if you like to tweak, you can fine-tune brightness, contrast, and color to suit a wide range of rooms, screens, and video sources.

    And gamers will be pleased to hear that Sony reduced the input lag on the VPL-VW295ES, making video games more responsive than ever.

    For the best picture quality from this 4K projector, we recommend using a 4k rated screen

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