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SVS SoundPath Balanced XLR Audio Cable

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    Note: 1 and 2 Meter cables are the only cables that can be purchased with pair packaging, but the other sizes can be purchased as pairs, but will not come with that packaging, for more information, Call 800-513-8555 For Details.

    Pristine signal transfer for convincing and immersive audio experiences. SVS SoundPath Balanced XLR Audio cables feature 24K gold-plated pin for optimal conductivity and five-layer insulation system to reject interference so your system always sounds its best.

    SVS SoundPath XLR Balanced Audio Interconnect Cables work with preamps, power amplifiers, subwoofers, AV receivers, microphones, and other audio components with balanced XLR inputs and outputs. Stereo pairs are color coded to show polarity. Densely braided cotton jacket provides easy gripping and protective outer sheath.

    SVS SoundPath Balanced XLR Audio Cable
    Cables should never be the weakest link in your system, nor should they cost more than your speakers and components. Through inspired engineering for world class performance, SVS SoundPath Balanced XLR Audio Cables ensure signal purity, a secure connection, and rejection of interference from the innovative five-layer shielding system.

    Available in lengths from 1 to 15 meters, SoundPath XLR cables are fit for the finest Class A amplifiers, preamps, subwoofers, pro audio gear and other line level components.

    Want to learn more about Balanced XLR vs ”unbalanced” RCA cables? Check out our blog.

    Quick Specs:

    • Available in 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, and 15 meter lengths
    • 24K gold plated conductor pin for pure, stable connection
    • Five-layer isolation system rejects noise and electromagnetic interference (EMI)
    • Red and white marking for L/R channel designation
    • Protective cotton braided jacket for easy gripping and management

    Inspired Engineering for World-Class Performance
    Premium build materials and rigorous testing under extreme conditions ensure your system always sounds its best with SVS SoundPath Balanced XLR Audio Cables. Sacious soundstage, three-dimensional imaging, unveiled highs, neutral midrange, and tight, articulate bass.


    • Densely braided easy-grip cotton jacket forms fifth layer of RFI shield
    • Heavy-duty directionally connected 56-strand outer shield for resistance to RFI sources
    • Three dedicated multi-strand high-purity conductors for superior connection integrity
    • Lockable, push-button release terminal clips ensure secure connection
    • Professional grade cast Zinc-Alloy terminals with black nickel-plating
    • Red and White marking bands for easy Left and Right designation
    • Highly conductive cold-fused gold plating on all electrical contacts in both terminals

    Tech Specs:

    • Cable Construction Materials:
    • Tri-balanced high gauge 99.99% oxygen-free-copper conductors individually isolated in independent HDPE dielectric jackets for consistent flow, high purity, and minimal signal loss
    • 1.6mm HDPE inside core dielectric – the first of the five-layer insulation system shields twisted trio of dedicated conductors
    • Aluminum wrap shield – the second layer in the shielding and insulation system
    • 56-strand spiral braid of 99.99% OFC tinned copper soldered to chassis ground terminal forms critical third barrier in the five-layer insulation system to remove EMI and RF noise between electronics
    • High density PVC jacket wrapped in densely braided cotton jacket provides flexibility, easy gripping, and forms the final two layers in the five-layer insulation system
    • Five-layer isolation system rejects electromagnetic interference (EMI)
    • XLR Connector Construction Materials:
    • Precision-soldered with high grade lead-free solder to ensure durable and constant electrical contacts with consistent signal flow
    • 24K gold-plated brass conductor pin for stable electrical contact and signal flow
    • Solid zinc-alloy terminal with black nickel-plating provides stylish and durable body with comfortable handling
    • Red and white marking bands for easy left and right channel designation
    • Shield layer is hand-soldered to source terminal chassis connection for best possible grounding and noise rejection
    • Conductor DCR = 77 mΩ/meter
    • Shield DCR: 40 mΩ/meter
    • Nominal Impedance: 110Ω. Cable and XLR connectors are impedance-matched to minimize Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) and Return Loss.
    • Nominal Capacitance: 39 pF/meter @ 1kHz
    • Rated Bandwidth: DC-5.0 MHz (3M cable) with ≤1.09 VSWR and ≥27dB Return Loss.
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