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Spin-Clean MKII Replacement Brushes (Pair)


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    These velvet Cleaning Brushes are part of what makes the Spin-Clean Record Wash System so effective at scrubbing dirt, grime and debris out of your records. The soft velvet fibers work deep into the grooves, both pads working in tandem to clean both sides of the record at once. Cleaning Brushes should be inspected for wear at every tank change and replaced as necessary.


    • UPC: 762189630606
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    1. Expensive but worth it...

      I have been a crate digger, record nerd, and amateur musicologist for about 40 years. That sometimes means getting down in the dirt and saving crusty records from the cultural trash heap and the literal trash bin. It was a revelation when I first got my Spin Clean decades ago and realized the actual music is down IN the grooves and is sometimes sitting safely under a fine layer of funky shit. Wet cleaning is the way to save these records and get them back on your turntable. The Spin Clean allows you to FULLY submerge the play area of the disc without damaging the labels. I use distilled water, small amounts of dish soap and alcohol and then clean/rinse again with pure distilled water. The Spin Clean gives you results that will often shock you, but rarely disappoint you. I can't find the brushes ANYWHERE for less than $25 a pair, but I have saved many thousands of dollars worth of records with these, so I must admit it is worth it. I save an old used pair for records that are so nasty they need to be pre-cleaned so I don't contaminate my newest pair. And don't bother with the cheap ones from BIG FUDGE, they won't fit your Spin Clean record washer, I tried that already. Keep them DRY when not using them and they last months longer. Always rinse out / squeeze out the remaining liquid when you are done using them!!! on Jul 6th 2021

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    UPC 762189630606